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Site updates, new things added & goings-on.

courtesy of Astrology.com

looking for my printable moon calendars? click here

*Please note: all packages and printables or the majikal workings are available in Hexenrit, my online Book of Shadows. They are usually put up within a week of the event.


2/1 Imbolc
2/2 Shadow Work Are you afraid of your own shadow? Last of the Pre-Spring Shadow Work -Groundhog Style. 😉
2/5 ZOON II:Full Snow Moon in Leo/Seed Work with last New Moon's Water spell.
The working for this full moon is the continuation of the ZOON working from New Moon.
2/15 Lupercalia: "Betwixt & Between"-Workings with Pan.
2/20 New Moon in Pisces/Paper Koi Working-Get your crayons and magic markers ready! (inner child work)


1/31 Disablot: (blood majik) "Honoring Women & Charming the Plow: Ancestral Majik & Preparations for Seed Work"

1/6 ZOON


JUNE 2022
Wildwood Summer, Secrets of Artemis & To the Moon & Back
6/1/22 - An entire Summer devoted to exploring the wild spaces, working with the energies and associations of Artemis and synchro-working with the moon mission.
details are in the Discord group as well as Hexenriit.

Wildwood Summer is an activity book I've been working on to help give ideas and projects to make Summer a bit more majikal.
Think of it as a small majikal Summer acyivity guide for busy folks. It'll be available in Ebook format shortly. I'll post the link in the shop when it's available.


Very good info and ideas on how to work with the energy of Artemis: Goddess of the Hunt.


Moon Mission

If you haven't gotten your tickets for the moon mission, do so HERE.
UPDATE: Sign-up has ended. If you didn't have an opportunity to get your boarding pass, fear not, you can still synchro-majik with a little extra imagination and visualization. :)
The shuttle is expected to launch August 2022. Keep up with shuttle details by visiting the official Artemis page.



6/19 & 20th 2022 - On Sunday, June 19th- Ravynmoon's HEX podcast will resume after a 2 year hiatus! and on Monday, June 20th-
My "Wake the Dead" radio show will be back after almost a decade -along with my weekly oracle forecast- courtesy of Dance With the Dead radio


5/17/22 - I took the Spring season off from doing any major updates, additions or blogs. I needed the time to regroup.
Thus begins "Wildwood Summer, Secrets of Artemis & To the Moon & Back". Details will be available by June 1st for those who wish to participate.
The Dailies oracle forecast, along with monthly printable calender will be back up and running by June 1st as well.
News page now has an embedded astrological calendar, courtesy of Astrology.com
The events will now be posted here on this page, instead of a seperate page, to make things a little more fluid.
Thanks for your patience.



March 13th Noon until 6pm

Ravynmoon's 36th Anniversary Party

On Sunday, March 13th, from noon until 6pm, we will be celebrating the 36th anniversary of the founding of Ravynmoon!
Live show on Dance with the Dead radio
Live video as we go back to our origins and hold a seance to connect with Edgar Allan Poe
Solve a Mystery game with hidden prizes for those who solve the puzzle
Freebie printables and other party goodies

2/5/22- The Heart of the Lion
Full Moon Talisman Creation with the Fixed Star Regulus

On February 16th 8pm central, we will be creating astrological talismans with the fixed star Regulus.
Prepare your supplies at least 1 week in advance.
Printable working, video and blog links below.
Download Shadowbook Page
Google Docs-Event Info & Supply List

1/20/22- Freebie alert!
Winter House Paper House in the Freebies section.

Download (.Zip 24.58Mb)

1/19/22-Weekly readings as well as blogs are available to read and listen to on YouTube.
1/17/22-Happy Full Wolf Moon! If you haven't already, be sure to visit the Hexenriit Book of Shadows for the Wold Moon pathworking.
1/2/22-Happy New Moon! The weekly forecast for 1/3-1/9 is up on The Dailies.
- The Black Goat Moon Zip and Mp3 available under the Spells & Incantations section of Hexenmriit.
1/1/2022-Happy New Year! The New Year forecast: Broom, Raven & The World Upside Down" is up on The Dailies.

12/24/21-Merry Happy Eve. New blog up and I've moved the news section from Hexenriit to it's own page here to cut down on confusion.
12/21/21-Happy Solstice. jpg pages and loose files have been added to folders so that the page remains tidy.
12/17/21-Added The Wolves & The Mirror-Snow Moon and Solstice 2021
12/14/21-Added a few more things to the BoS. *January 17th is Wolf Moon. Be sure to get the "Werewolf 101" package early.
12/13/21-I'm adding item boxes to the shoppe, but the purchase function is currently inactive until after the new year.
11/29/21-I'm in the process of creating an on site blog. If blog link is wonky, that's why. (fixed)
11/26/21-The November newsletter is available.
11/24/21-The Enchanted book/class is up.

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