The Veshigi tradition is a living tradition; that means it's not something you can purchase or potentially read about. It's not something can be
copy/pasted from one place to another. We are not an online "buy into" coven. We do not sell our witchcraft,
or any monthly boxed sets of cheap goodies.

This tradition is not a facade or cover for a corporate entity. It is not run by fake people working undercover for some
vitamin company or some tech firm or other fat pocket company. It is not something you can get an app for, or something you can
say you're a member of and get a lapel pin; it is real majik - raw, powerful and like none other, and that is a fact.
I can say this cleanly and clearly because it is a tradition of my own design in which I have created, operated and taught for almost 40 years.

The Veshigi tradition is not mainstream, and thankfully, so. It is not any version of faith. It is not Wicca. It is not Pagan.
It is an atheistic spirituality in and of itself.
It requires no deity; just your own pureness of heart and kindred wild and connected spirit.

We are located on the Cumberland plateau in the forest of Tennessee. A place we lovingly refer to as the enchanted forest.

Right now, there are no formal meetings, nor classes available. This is because of several things:

1) The plague. The Coronovirus is a mutant virus that we know little about and so - until we feel comfortable with just exactly
what it is and how to effectively keep ourselves and loved ones safe from whatever it is, there will be no in-person meetings.

2) People are assholes. We did have an entire site devoted to tons of information, spells, recipes and 40 years of work,
but thieves be thieves, so I took it all down. Generosity and community are one thing, but those of us who have been keeping
information sites are being cheapened - likened to some grab bag of occultism or witchcraft, and that is not an option.

3) I tried to do some informal meetings, run a little online shop and did a few months of podcasts; however, because of a change of heart
regarding how much information I am willing to give publically, I have rescinded those things.

Real majik comes from real connections. It's hands on, heart in. The manifestation that many others sell online is a watered-down dime store
variety, based on hearsay. It is a novelty that they sell to the depressed, the lonely, the desperate, and the wanna-be edgy
pseudo-Christian housewife, for a lot of money.
For the most part, what many sell is copy pasted, stolen reproductions of other witches hard-earned and well-lived personal experiences,
by exploiting the blood, sweat and tears and good hearted and community driven desire of real witches that shared their work with others.
The sharing of these things was done to ward away contempt and fear and to provide help to confused and wayward witches.
Our good work has been hijacked by ghost writers, trend influencers and bots.
In other words, what these online vendors sell is cheap knock-off "sisters of the old ways" kind of productions.
I feel as though the majority of them are fakers and posers that exploit real witches in an effort to cash in on what's trending.
Their ways leave people confused, misinformed and disapointed.

People who know me are constantly coming to me to "fact check" something they read on the internet.

Witches are not made. We are born this way.

We currently have nothing to sell here. We no longer have any social media. Ravynmoon is a community - a family of purposeful majikal work.
As soon as I have something available, it will be posted here. In the meantime, if you need me, kindly message .


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